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 Thanks to the technological and scientific progresses, nowadays it is possible to acquire huge data set using sophisticated instruments and study large multidisciplinary problems through numerical models; this results in the need of high computational power as a means of gaining understanding of complex phenomena and insight into the data for a growing number of applications.

IMATI has a long tradition in the field of Computing Architectures and High Performance Computing. The main goal of this research is the study and development of methodologies and models for the effective and efficient exploitation of advanced computing systems in order to improve the quality of software for advanced applications. The research group working on these areas claims collaborations at national and international levels, and the participation to regional, national and EU scientific projects. The group also cooperates with Ligurian local authorities and small/medium enterprises through the promotion of technology transfer. 

The diffusion of parallel and distributed computing puts the activity on Computing Architectures and High Performance Computing at the forefront of many initiatives. The highlight is on the achievements of three related FP7 projects: DRIHMSDRIHMDRIHM2US, aimed at the design and implementation of a research e-Infrastructure for hydro-meteorology studies of extreme events. The Italian Civil Protection, among the others, endorsed these results, promoting DRIHM as a candidate Italian e-Infrastructure. The research team is currently composed of 1 research director, 2 researchers, 2 postdocs, and 4 research grants. The research team has a considerable attractiveness to young researchers and students with different levels of maturity, in the last five years the group has supervised 4 Master theses, 2 PhD students, and 2 stages in the context of International collaborations.

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