Tuesday, 29 January 2019, 3 p.m. (sharp),

Dr. Tadej Kanduč, INdAM c/o Universita' di Firenze

at the conference room of IMATI-CNR in Pavia, will give a lecture titled:

Quadrature schemes for isogeometric boundary element method with hierarchical B-splines

as part of the Applied Mathematics Seminar (IMATI-CNR e Dipartimento di Matematica, Pavia).

At the end a refreshment will be organized.


Abstract. In this talk I will present quadratures schemes for adaptive isogeometric boundary element method. The schemes are based on a spline quasi-interpolation operator. Local construction of the rules can readily be exploited when applied to both regular and singular integrals involving hierarchical spline shape functions. At the end I will show some error plots of the studied approximations of integrals and some 2D Laplace model problems, where the optimal order of convergence for the Galerkin solution is recovered by the proposed adaptive model.

Joint work with A. Falini, C. Giannelli and A. Sestini from University of Florence, and M. L. Sampoli from University of Siena.